Wednesday, March 9, 2016

One Day

One day I woke up with memories on my pillow,
and my dreams no longer tasted like coffee beans,
and my unruly hair no longer set the caged birds free,
and I brushed my teeth with toothpaste that felt like the wind and looked the shade of evergreen.

One day I woke up and started to run,
remembering how the sun beat down on my back and screamed the color red,
remembering how the body and muscles used to ache more than my heart did,
remembering how running didn't feel like running from my past.

One day I woke up,
and I felt different.
Because I was different.
I am different.
Each day when I take a new breath, I am different.
Some new thought has entered my brain, some new sentences I have read, some new thing I have seen.

Some things are no more in me,
they're just memories.
Some things will always be,
someday you'll see.

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