Friday, December 18, 2015

Yes, Today, Just Yes

New park adventures,
cooler weather, 
tree climbing,
downtown charm,
christmas lights,
quaint shops,
fancy restaurant with a christmas tree inside,
chocolate and peppermint latte,
cold night walks,
dutch christmas cookie making while listening to christmas music,
christmas gift exchanging,
winnie the pooh and christmas too,
a house christmas episode,
a sabrina the teenage witch christmas episode,
and an arthur hour long christmas special
all by the christmas tree filling up my nostrils with a beautiful pine scent.

This day was cheery, merry, and bright.
And everything was right.
The whole day and evening was christmas filled and spent with my best friend.

Today was full of warmth,
I can describe the events, but not the memories.
Not how it felt,
or how it shone in my eyes.
Or how close I hugged it to me.
Or how the talks about our everyday life and past memories just meant a lot more than you can put in words sometimes.

I get the line; "hearts all aglow" now. 
I always thought what a funny line that was.
But now I get it.
Because my heart was all aglow.
Today was just good.

Yes,Today, Just Yes.

Guys, it's almost Christmas and I feel it.

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