Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Picture waking up to a world of white, which is totally bizarre when you're a Floridian, going on a vintage train ride going through this world of white with folksy music playing while sitting facing the windows giving us views of frosty ice rivers, fields of snow, snow flecked pine trees, and a cup of hot cocoa in hand. Then take a break from the snow and eat lunch in a cute 50's themed restaurant. Then walk downtown and visit cute well lit shops while the snow falls down a bit harder but not in an unpleasant way. Visit vintage shops and general stores, see cute trinkets, everything moose and bear themed because they are quite popular in New Hampshire. Buy some a Moose sweatshirt and maple tea to try later at home. Look at everything Christmas themed and then go into a cute but hipster coffee shop called Mets. Get a Maple Latte but admire all the holiday themed drink items such as "Fa-la-lattes" and "Gingy Latte" and etc. Admire how artsy it is. Then go back and continue to admire the falling snow. Throw some snowballs at your family members. Have a huge snowball fight until your hands are frozen and icy. Then, when your ears are numb and nose red and insides chilled, drive back to your little getaway. Put on the gas lit fire, take a warm shower, and watch one of your favorite movies ("It's a Wonderful Life") before getting all warm and cozy in your bed and getting some shut eye. That was my yesterday. I want to tell you about today too, and I will. But right now, I'm going to go because I want to do more things to sum up this perfect day. But I will get back to you.

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