Friday, December 11, 2015

Goodbyes and Hellos and New Adventures and Mixed Emotions

This year has been a lot of playing catch up for me.
I've constantly felt like I have been catching up with what life has been giving to me.
From new friends, to new schools, from bad changes to good changes, to hardships, to laughter, to going out of the country on my first mission trip, to tears.
There's been so much.
So much heartache.
So much beauty.
So much.
I can't even process it.
I know it's not New Years yet so maybe I shouldn't be doing this.
But I can't help but think about this as the semester ends.
As my best friend that I only became best friends with this year, leaves to go back to MA.
As two friends I made this semester leave the new school I've been getting to know this semester.
Life has just been so crazy for me.
I don't even know what to do with this.
Except praise God.
Praise God through the good times.
And in the bad times, praise Him still.

Sometimes I feel really weighed down.
But I'm just thankful for God and the freedom He gives.
I just know I don't always take advantage of this freedom.
A lot of times I remain chained to these feelings and chained to the heartache.

But I don't have to be,
And I don't want to be.
I want to be free.
That's why I need to keep rooted in Him.

That's what I need to do with life.


  1. You basically just described how Word of Life felt. A completely insane, wonderful, awful, weird, growing experience. So much confusion! So much heartache! And I feel ya with the weighed down feelings -- that's where I'm at lately, too. But we do have so much freedom -- thanks for the reminder chica (:

  2. Wow, I really needed this. Lately I've been feeling so many of the same emotions and you're right, its easy to stay chained to them. Thank you! This lifted me up. <3