Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I just want to let you know that I miss you

On last Christmas Eve Eve, I visited my old lady neighbor and adoptive grandma and friend in the hospital. We gave her our presents in a hospital that needed a little cheer. It was the last time I saw her before she died. She was old and it was her time but it's still weird to me. I never really had an active grandparent in my life for most of my life. But she was a lady I visited often and brought meals to. She gave us gifts sometimes and made us cards for our birthdays. Some days I'd come inside and chat with her. She got to know my dog and called him a princess often forgetting he was a boy and not a girl. She always cared for us. My sisters and I. I was away at college when I heard she had passed away. It was sad but being away at college, it didn't fully register. I wasn't passing her house everyday or bringing her meals. But it's been a year since I saw her, and being home on my Christmas break, I think about her often as I pass her house that has now been bought by someone else and has a golden car in the driveway that seems like it doesn't belong. I guess today I just really realized how I miss her. She was like a Grandma to me and even though you always know that one day elderly people will die, but I still felt like she wouldn't. I still think it's weird that she'll never get to meet (if I do get one) my future husband or be alive when I have graduated college. She was there through a lot of my highschool years. Oh, time. Oh, memories. You bittersweet thing you.

{listen to bittersweet symphony by the aranbee pop symphony orchestra| I know it's not Christmas music but still}

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  1. Wow, Sophie, this was really beautiful. That is the sweetest kind of bond you can have with a person. I can really picture your visits and know that they were precious, cherished times. And Christmas definitely makes me nostalgic, too, for past times, and for people who have now passed away. This was so beautifully written! Merry Christmas Eve :)