Thursday, December 17, 2015

One Week until Christmas

This is a Christmas photo of Mr. F. Scott Fitzgerald and his family.
I don't know why but I saw this photo from a literature book once and fell in love with it.
It's different, it's old, and I like it.
F.Scott is one of my favorite authors.
The way he writes, the way he words things, and his meaningful quotes just make me love him.
But you know what?
I learned some things about him and about how absent he was from his friends and family.
I don't find that very admirable.
I think sometimes he lived in a fantasy world rather than in his own world.
It's okay to have dreams and lessons and words to write and stories to tell,
but life is the one story you really have.
It's important that you truly live it and live it with the people you love.
It's important to draw them close and near to you and cherish it.

I can't help but wonder if he really cherished this moment in that picture.
Were they whole at that time?
Was he around and there for his family?
Or was it just a picture.
A picture taken to show the world that sure, they were a happy family.

I hope that's not the case.
Because I love that picture and I'd like to believe that it was a good day for them.
That they were having fun as a family and decided to take a weird family picture in front of the christmas tree.
I hope that day was full of laughter for them even though they decided to be serious in the photo.
I'd like to believe the best for them.

But enough about that.
There's a week until Christmas.
How're you going to spend that week?
Stressing about last minute shopping?
Getting fed up with the world's craziness and grumpy customers?
Or, are you going to keep your loved ones close and make moments to cherish with them.
If you can do the latter, please do the latter.
Be more than a fake happy picture on a Christmas card.

I know a family is made of more than one person.
So maybe you can't do that.
But if you are that person who is distracted,
that person who isn't living their life but lost in another's life,

Don't forget to live.

"I hope you live a life you're proud of"

-- F.Scott Fitzgerald

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