Saturday, December 12, 2015


My room is lit for Christmas,
I have new candles to light as well,
I have a book I am reading that is giving an in depth look to Mary's character and role from the Bible,
And I just think this upcoming week will be good.

I'm ready for some Christmas spirit.

The Lord has promised us joy if we choose it.
I think as a kid I used to really get caught up in the materialistic kind of joy.
But now I realize that never was joy.
That was temporary happiness that the world gives.
Joy is everlasting.

I'm not saying getting gifts are bad or anything.
I'm just saying it's nothing in comparison to true joy which is a gift from God.
Something to be celebrated each year.
And I know we can celebrate it anytime we want to,
But Christmas time really highlights the gift of joy because it comes from the gift of Jesus Christ bringing hope and peace and joy when He came down to the earth in human form to save us from our consuming and condemning sins.

We find life through Christ.
In that, I find joy.
And I want to focus on that during Christmas.
I only wish my younger self had focused on that more too.

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