Monday, January 23, 2017

Matcha Tea Mega Power Powder

This is a small post to simply say that I'm starting to really realllly love matcha iced green tea lattes.
I have them at Starbucks a lot but recently I found the powder and bought some of my own to combine with milk and make my own iced green tea latte with it.
Doing research, not only are there a lot of health benefits to it, but it tastes good and it keeps me energized.

When I work at the preschool, I come in during naptime and naptime lasts an hour and a half to two hours long depending on the day.

Naptime includes a dark and cold room with lullaby music going on and sleeping babies.

It makes me want to sleep too.

So, usually I need a cup of coffee during that time of day to keep me awake and even if it keeps me awake, it doesn't really make me feel energized and rested.

Today, I had my green tea latte and I was surprisingly refreshed, energized, and awake the whole day.
I didn't feel tired once.
I surprised myself with how awake and energized I was.

It's my new thing now.

I still love coffee but this is not only good tasting, but it's even better for me than coffee is.
Plus, I already drink a cup of coffee in the morning.

Also, side note, I really love macarons too.
They're this kind of unique French desserts that I don't see or get to have often.
But they're beautiful and tasty and they make me feel kind of fancy.
There are lots of different flavors such as rose, lavender, pistachio, strawberry, chocolate, coffee, and the list could go on.
If you haven't tried these unique and sort of artsy treats, I urge you to find them and try them and experience this magical treat.

Another side note here, Saving Mr.Banks is such a good movie so I will end this post with these quotes from it for they are too beautiful not to share.

Experience life, friends.
Venture out.
Try new things.
Watch movies that inspire.

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