Monday, January 9, 2017

There's a Story

There once was a small town girl with stars in her eyes and ambition in her blood and dreams crawling in her veins.
She traveled to a big city with a cup of coffee in her hand, confidence in her stride and was ready for anything that might come her way.
Dreams don't disappear unless you chase them and turn them into reality.

That, my friends, is what she did.

Okay, so maybe that story isn't true yet.
But it could happen.
And the story fit the picture.

Isn't that interesting?
How pictures tell stories.

That's what I love about photography.
There's more to it than a smile and a good hair day.
There's a story to every picture.

Some people get it.
Some people don't.
Some people get inspiration from photos,
Some people just think of it as an ordinary photo of an ordinary person.

It depends.


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