Saturday, January 21, 2017

Am I Making a Difference...?

I think this thought a lot.

I think about it in various parts of my life.

That thought used to dim my light. But that's also because I let it back then. When I was in highschool, I became less ignorant to the world and it's problems. I got to know people and there were a lot of people who were struggling and came to me for help. I didn't realize what I was doing back then, but what I was trying to do was carry their burdens and my burdens. Something no one can do. I should of just left them at the foot of the cross and helped lead my friends to do the same. Instead, I just became discouraged because I couldn't do anything. I didn't seem to be making a difference and their struggles were very real and their paths were going downhill.

I will say that I am certainly thankful that what I tried to do is apart of my past now. I know now where to let my burdens lie and that I don't need to try to carry them. I am free. Sometimes my foolish self will forget and try to carry the load again, but that is a whole lot less frequent than it used to be. I just need to keep my eyes on Christ.

However, sometimes that question still pops into my head.

We are called to go out into the world and proclaim the Word of Christ with our actions and our words.

I'm not the best at it, but I try to do that and I do that because I want them to find the hope and love of Jesus Christ as well.

However, sometimes it doesn't seem like my efforts are making a difference.

I think especially because a lot of the people I work with or talk to are kids.

I know they'll grow up one day and may not even remember me.

I know that a lot of them are being raised in households without Fathers and living in houses where their parent or parents don't teach the Gospel because they also don't know or believe in it.

I know it's harder to reach those people.

Does it mean I should stop trying?

Does it mean God can't use the small things I say or do when I'm with them?

Does it mean I am not making a difference?

Certainly not.

Whether they choose to trust and believe in Jesus Christ is ultimately up to them. Whether they listen to what I say or do is up to them. Even if I don't make a difference, I should keep trying because you never know. It might not be today or tomorrow that I see a difference. I might not even get to see the difference I made in their life. I might not even make a difference in their life. But I won't stop trying.

I know that my God is good and my God is trustworthy and I've seen too many brokenness to simply leave it be without trying to help them fix it by pointing them to the one who can.

I care about these kids too much.

Today, I had an eight year old kid open up to me about his Dad and he said that he's only seen his father four times in his life. Whether that's 100% true or not, it doesn't even matter. He needed someone to talk to about it and he was hurting and I was able to be there for him.

Being there for someone means a lot.
It makes a difference.

I was able to talk to someone who was in the middle of a fight today and I asked her if I could stop and just pray for her and she said she wanted to and I was able to pray for her.
It makes a difference.

These are small things and they may not stop and thank us for it later.
They might not even realize how much they need to be loved and need someone to be there,
but it makes a difference.

I think that even though we don't really remember a lot of our childhood, the people in it and the people who pointed us to Christ are the ones who really shaped our lives.

Of course, we all have had people who encouraged us, befriended us and helped us grow later on in life and that's important too.
That also makes a difference.

But I still think that the people who helped guide us through the early stages of our lives are just as important and I wish I remembered all the people who did help guide me and shape me.

I do know two people that for sure helped me though and that's my Mom and Dad.
I am blessed to have been raised in a Christian home with parents who love and care about me.

I am thankful for them and I know they made a difference in my life and how I grew up.

I guess this all being said, if you were wondering if you make a difference (whether they be preschool age to highschool age to adult age), you do.

You never know who all is listening and you never know what they take to heart.
So, don't be discouraged.
Keep spreading the Gospel and keep spreading Christ's love.

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