Friday, November 4, 2016

All at once October collapsed into November

You know that F.Scott Fitzgerald quote that says; "All at once Summer collapsed into Fall", well I feel like that happened with October into November.

October was nice, but it soared and now it's November.
I like November so it's okay, but October had spread out events and it's already over and November is going to be even busier so I'm sure it will flyby even faster.

In case you were wondering, my Halloween was a good one.
I dressed up as Woody, watched my preschool kids walk around and have a little "parade" all dressed up as I handed them candy, got some fries at Wendy's, finished all of work and went straight to the YMCA where I worked a booth and handed out more candy. It was a pretty good day.

Unfortunately, November 1st I woke up with the stomach flu and Nov. 2nd I was working on getting over it as well.

Yesterday, however, was pretty decent and I got myself my first gingerbread latte of the season, went on a walk, ate some apple pie, got hugs from little kids at the preschool, played with sidewalk chalk with my little one year old class, and it was just pleasant. Yesterday, it felt like November to me.

And now, I'm excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Bring on the holidays, bring it.

How was your October?
Are you a "let the Christmas carols commence" type of person?
Or are you a "C'mon, it's still Fall, it's not time to celebrate Christmas yet/ give me my turkey" type of person?

Personally, I'm both.
I'm ready to sing Christmas songs and see the decorations in the store (since we don't have really any thanksgiving decorations), but I haven't forgotten about my precious Thanksgiving.

In fact -fun fact- Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday.

What's yours?

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