Monday, November 21, 2016

Barn Weddings, Cold Weather, And (as per usually always) Coffee

Saturday I got to go down to crosspoint farm and witness a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception for a lovely couple that took place literally in a barn.

There were many, many twinkling lights.

There was a cat, a horse, country music, dancing, wooden tables, sweet tea, laughter, friends, photobooth pictures, s'mores, a bonfire, and the color of warmth and happiness that people could breath in, that the girls could wear on their dresses and that men scratched into their red beards.

There were floating lanterns that painted the sky like burning wishes released into the night air. One would seem to think they were competing with the stars but eventually the lanterns floated away because they actually weren't competing with the stars at all.

They were just trying to get people to look up, and people did.
Once eyes fell upon the lanterns in the sky,
the burning wishes flew away,

the eyes stayed up.

You see, the wishes faded into the stars.
And the stars are always up there.

Sunday I got the chance to join in fellowship with my ministry friends and kids we minister to.
We made hand turkeys, played games, connected, and talked about and dove into the Bible and the topic of identity.
Then the sky turned yellowish blue as the sun said goodbye and we clung tightly to our jackets and let the cold air fill our lungs.
We gave a proper goodbye and ending to the day by meeting afterwards at Dunkin Donuts.

A Dunkin Donuts that was so nicely decorated for Christmas complete with a Christmas tree topped with a Dunkin Donuts coffee cup and all.

Our weary souls were refreshed and revived and encouraged with the meeting of like-minded believers and followers in Christ and the drinking of warm liquids (for me; a peppermint mocha latte).

We ended the day with talk of the upcoming holidays and we left merry and bright.

Today wasn't as eventful as my weekend but I'm still feeling the merry and bright.

Thanksgiving is coming and so is a myriad of cheerful events and friends to celebrate the season with.

I'm ready for it all.

My heart is open and ready for embracing.

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