Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Wilderness of Manitoba

Look up the song "November" by the aforementioned band and listen to their live version that involves the crackling of a bonfire while they sing this lofty November song while you read this post.

So, it's been awhile once again.
I'm sorry.

This preschool job has got be getting sick constantly.

It's okay though, I will survive. I'm not here to talk about that.

Instead, I'm talking about November.

Such a colorful, Autumny, smoky, thankful word.

November kicked in with
a bonfire,
a Hallmark cozy (and predictable yes) Christmas movie,
short day/long evenings,
pie consumption,
Frozen viewings complete with sparkling cider, fuzzy blankets, and singing,
Dunkin AND Starbucks runs (definitely enjoying those red cups though),
Prancing through the Christmas section at Walmart,
Feeling like I'm covered with pixie dust just by putting a bit of gingerbread latte sugar scrub on my hands in Bath and Body Works,
Football games in 60 degree weather, complete with a jacket, hot chocolate and the reading of Harry Potter,
Uno Slam in an elevator,
and just friends and family.

But I don't mean just friends and family.
Friends and Family are what make Novembers.
What make the holidays.
What makes life.
I mean coming after my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that is.

But really, all these material things, pshhhh.

Friends and family and memories and laughter and adventures.


Tell me about your November thus far.

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