Sunday, July 3, 2016

My Chamomile Tea

Tonight, even though it's the third of July and not the fourth, I can hear thuds come in every few minutes which some people would think it to be obnoxious and disturbing the peace and quiet. However, for me, being the weird person that I am, these fireworks are my chamomile tea. I've always felt relaxed and amazed just gazing up at a bunch of explosives shooting into the sky flashing it's different colors and floating down like pixie dust until it dissolves into nothing and pretends it was never there. It's always amazed me. But tonight, I am inside my house and it's late into the night and I can't see these multi colored flashes. All I can do is hear their steady thuds and I am really calmed by the sound of it. It's comforting. It's my cup of chamomile tea. What is your cup of chamomile?

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  1. I liked this.

    My cup of chamomile tea is probably falling asleep while hearing my parents and/or siblings gently talking in a nearby room. I haven't lived at my family's since the end of January but whenever I spend the night, that sound comforts my soul... It always has.