Monday, July 18, 2016

I think we all need to be reminded sometimes from our friends that they think that we are important.
I think we all need to hear sometimes that we are cared about.
I think sometimes we just need to know that things are going to be okay.
I think we just need to say things out loud to each other.
I think we can't just keep things inside.
If we appreciate someone, we need to voice it.
If we love someone, we need to tell them.
If we have unresolved conflicts that we want to resolve, we have to try to resolve them.
Because the clock ticks and time is passing and it is passing all too quickly.
One day the clock will stop,
one day our bodies will be lifeless,
one day we won't be able to speak,
we won't be here on earth,
and all those things,
all those thoughts,
all those important things we don't take the time to think about or take the time to realize the difference it could make in someone's life,
all our opportunities to do something,
will be gone.
We will be gone.
And our potential differences,
it will be wasted.

Don't waste your time.

Make a difference.

Speak even if your voice shakes.

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