Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Best Night

I don't know if it was thee best night in the history of nights, but last night was definitely up there. It was just a great unexpected night and sometimes I like unexpected nights the best. Last night/ evening, after a very nice dinner spent with college friends, a group of friends and I went to Safety Harbor impromtuly. We just all had the evening free and we decided to go there. We didn't really know what was around there, but we knew there was a pier and possibly some cute shops. So we went to the pier, and then we started walking towards the shops and lo and behold, some sort of festival/market thing was going on. So we walked the cute streets with many vendors full of lights, paintings, free samples of chocolates and such, and I got to hold a parakeet on my shoulder. It was all fun and adventurous and exciting. After that, we came back to school and played Capture the Flag for a few hours which was buckets of fun. My friend Lauren got injured in the nose, so a group of us all made sure she was alright and got her ice, water, food, and Tylenol. She ended up being okay but we all stuck around after that and laughed, joked, star tripped, and went to our big football field to watch the stars up until five minutes till midnight. It was all unexpected, and it was adventurous, and it was perfect. I love my friends, and I love my God who created them and this spectacular night. It was the best night.

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