Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I think another one of the reasons I'm so hooked on Criminal Minds now is because the BAU (behavioral analysis unit) have to analyze and assess the situations and behavior of the unsub. I think it's fascinating to see how they figure out the puzzle pieces and observe other peoples' behavior to figure out the answer to the problem. I guess it's also fascinating to me because I observe peoples' behavior all the time. Just because I notice things. I notice small ticks, how people react when they get stressed or sad, and I'm really good at remembering people's faces. I'm not saying I'd be good at this job, but I do like it when there are other people out there who notice things the average human being going about their life wouldn't. Because often people aren't focused on that. Usually they are busy living their life, or just focusing on the group their with and the friends they talk to. So, I guess I like the show because I tend to do that. And sometimes it's fun trying to figure out the answer before the show reveals it. (It happens sometimes, but not always because obviously I am not skilled and full of knowledge like they are or at least like the script writers are haha). I think it'd be incredibly cool to be able to do work like that though. Where you can help others and save lives by figuring out how to catch someone based on their actions and behaviors. But it's also something that would be incredibly draining and wear on you having to face that over and over again. Anyways, there's not much of a point to this except explaining another small thing about me and why I find Criminal Minds intriguing.

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