Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Today is a good day.
You know why?

October means pumpkins, means Fall, means hay rides, means corn maze, means cider, means more pumpkin coffee everythings, means family traditions, means spooky movies with my friend Heidi, means candy, means The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, means SO MANY EXCITING THINGS.

I love Fall and hopefully it will start to cool off in FL sometime soon. *I hope*. If not though, it's okay, because in my unit it's always cold and I can always bundle up and pretend it's cold outside. 

New months are exciting and especially if they're Octobers. Also, our school is giving away free Dunkin Donuts  (probably because it's October and they're just so happy) , I have a day off of my weekly chore duties, annnnnnnnnnd NEW SEASON OF CRIMINAL MINDS AIRS TONIGHT. I'm sure my new husband (Matthew Gray Gubler) is just as excited about this upcoming month as I am considering that he's a big Fall enthusiast as well. Honestly, sometimes I feel kinda sad since FL only gets a "pretend" Fall, but the more I think about it, I'm glad that I still get to celebrate it and that I get to celebrate here with my family and friends, and it would definitely feel off and not like Fall if I spent it anywhere else than here in FL. *Perspective*

So yeah. I'm kinda thrilled about today. And I'm kinda thrilled for the upcoming days.


Okay? Okay.

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  1. Well I'm glad you're feeling happy! Fall is just great. You're so lucky you're getting FREE DONUTS!! Okay? Okay :)

    The Life of Little Me