Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Nighttime Sky

It was my second week of college, I still felt relatively shy. But the nutella latte gave me energy and I ran into you and you became my friend. You took me to view the causeway from the little private beach across the street from my college. We stuck our feet in the sand, and you told me your passions and I looked up at the sky and the sea and the lights and I felt infinite and that everything was possible. I was praying for a friend, and you became one to me and the world suddenly felt huge. The next week I became apart of drama club, was introduced to fellow student Christian rappers, and lived a life of new beginnings. I acted and became Loki in an acting game and made people laugh and it was a wonderful, old familiar feeling. This week I feel will be bright and I am fond of all things bright and beautiful. Pumpkin is in the air I breathe, and October is around the bend. I haven't been back in a long while but I have been reading my old posts and I have found it so deeply stained on my heart to not forget. Because one day I will. So, I must write. I must document. I must leave my words and my memories where I can bring them up again when I must and remember. Because my life is changing, and it's beautiful and I want to remember it. So, trust me on this, I will be back.

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  1. Yaaay! I'm so happy to read this, girl. <3 I always LOVE your posts, so yes, this is good. :) I know that exact feeling, of wanting -- craving to write things down. Some memories are too sweet to not try to form into something tangible.

    I hope this Autumn will be an adventurous one for you. :)