Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friday, friday, what a beautiful friday...

Maple Brown Sugar Coffee. Music. Quiet Time. Old Testament Survey. Chapel. Advanced Grammar. Cinnamon Bagels. Spanish. Reading my favorite poem to a friend. Taking a nap. Getting food to bring to my room. Watching Remember Me with my friend. Eating cookies and getting more Maple Brown Sugar Coffee. Hanging with friends at Cheddars. Coming back and taking a walk. Late night trip to Dunkin Donuts. More coffee. Some extra donuts because DD's was closing and trying to get rid of their left overs. Stories and laughter and good times with friends. Coming back and talking/ messing around with 5 girls in the unit with me. Telling of creepy stories. Ending of my Friday.

That was my yesterday, and I felt very much alive and I'm so appreciative of these days and my friends and the memories I get the chance to make and my God that ordains and controls everything and the love that He has for me.

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