Thursday, September 11, 2014

She told me about the island where no cars were allowed, only horses drawn carriages.
He told me about his aspirations to be rapper.
She told me about driving to the top of a hill to see the stars and kayaking in clear blue waters during the summer.
He told me about his passion for Dunkin Donuts.
She told me about how her soon to be fiancé asked her out to prom and how it included candles on a basketball court.
He asked random questions.
She was a human Pandora.
He quoted the Dead Poet's Society.
She dedicated large portions of her time to watching Criminal Minds.
He sported a beanie and sunglasses always.
She had cute glittery shoes.
He was super tall and a strange love for pickles.

Every she is a girl I have encountered here at college.
Every guy is a guy I have encountered here at college.
Every person has a story.

Even when you get to see only tiny pieces of someone's story or their soul,
it's still beautiful and important and fascinating.

We're all human.
We all share skin and bones and happy thoughts and sad thoughts.

But it's nice to see certain things that make people tick or memories that reside in their brains and everything else.

It's nice to connect and appreciate even if you don't connect.

God is in charge of every encounter.

They're all important, and it's good to note that sometimes.

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  1. I definitely think everyone who comes into our life is there for a reason. It's sometimes a big reason and sometimes little, but they're all important. :)