Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Words I Will Tell My Daughter Someday

 You will think that men are knights in shining armor. Especially if the compliment you. Tell you that you are pretty and nice. You will think that a cute and kind guy is the guy for you. But that may not be true. Behind the armor is where it counts and matters. You need someone with more than flattering words. You need someone with meaningful words. With meaningful actions. With a meaningful heart. You need someone who doesn’t just look at you. But someone who sees you. Sees your heart, your beauty, your passions, the reasons why you exist and what makes your life worth living. You need someone who sees you and understands you. Not just someone who says “I'm sorry” when you're sad. But someone who embraces you and whispers words of comfort and love in your ear and holds your hand and sings you a lullaby when you have trouble sleeping. You need someone who won’t just be a someone to you. There will be men who will pretend to be your someone and will try to charm you and who will break your heart and it will hurt. But when your someone comes a long, it will be more than worth it. Guard your heart, my dear. Guard it and wait. Wait for your someone. 

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