Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Singleness (Yes, I am bringing it up again)

Yes, I brought up the dreaded word; "Singleness." Sometimes I don't fancy it because I imagine all these scenarios of having a boyfriend and the things we'd do on dates and all that jazz (if you're a single girl, I'm sure you understand how it is). But other times, I am completely okay. Today is a day where I realized I am completely okay. Some day (maybe, I mean it's not written in stone) I might have a boyfriend that may someday become my husband. But right now I don't and that's okay. Because right now my life is just about to blossom. It might take some time (I'm finding out as job searching is not quite as easy as I thought) but college is done and my career is something for me to figure out. But before I get whatever job it is I am supposed to have, I realize I am not wanting a boyfriend right now. This past weekend I had a wonderful time with some of my family and one of my best friends going to disney world. Tonight, I had yet another wonderful evening spent getting pie and coffee with another one of my best friends. I am so happy and content that I get to have moments like these. I am not saying I can't have both moments with my boyfriend and moments with my best friends and family, but things are going to have to change. In fact, the friend I went to disney world with is going to go back up to MA soon and maybe she'll come back but maybe she won't. I don't know yet. And my other best friend that I got pie with is hopefully going to work at a hospital as a nurse as soon as she passes her boards. And hopefully I'll get a job soon too. And our time will be limited. I won't always have as many available moments to spend with my friends and family. So, right now I'm content and happy that my time can be filled with them. One day (again, hopefully and possibly), I'll have a lifetime of moments to spend with my husband. But right now, I think I am given some of this time of singleness to be spent with some really amazing friends and family.

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