Monday, May 9, 2016

Once Upon a Time

There was an insecure girl who cared about what other people thought about her. When she liked an attractive guy and he went for the pretty, normal, and not quite as weird girl, she felt insecure. She didn’t feel as proud of herself as she did before she met this attractive guy. She once was proud of her accomplishments and okay with how she looked until she met this guy and this guy didn’t give her the light of day. Well, this girl is okay now. She still struggles from time to time but her self worth is not found in this one guy’s opinion of her. The truth is that just because he is attractive, it doesn’t make him great. And even though he is nice, he is not perfect. Likewise, it doesn’t matter about the beauty on the outside but it matters of what’s inside and sure this girl needs to work on a few things, but she still has merit in what she is. She is not normal. She is sometimes weird but the thing is, she saw the inside of this guy and there was a lot of weird in him too. So, if this guy doesn’t value the weirdness in this girl, that’s on him. Because it’s okay to be a little weird. This girl is okay with being herself now just like she was before she met him and before she strove to meet his approval. She doesn’t need his approval anymore. She has her own and that’s enough. She doesn’t need to prove herself to anyone. She doesn’t need to listen to anyone’s opinion anymore. She is okay. She has value. And one day she’ll find the one who will appreciate her and love her for who she is. Or if she doesn’t, it’s better to be by herself than with one who doesn’t value her for who she is and tries to make her meet his standards. Because she is not changing for anyone. She is okay with herself and so the one for her will be okay with her too or she will not need another person.

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