Saturday, May 7, 2016

So I've Got My Degree

Now, how do I use it?
Or what do I do?
I'm looking for a job.

 I'd love for it to be a writing job but I highly doubt that I'm going to find one in my local area and since I don't have a car right now... I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.

So, I'm looking for any place that is hiring.

You know what's funny?
I didn't think it'd be that hard.

You can go to job hiring websites and they seem easy enough to figure out...
But it's not quite as simple as it seems.

I know I have got a lot more time to find one and I need to do a lot more praying,
but it's stressing me out a bit.

I guess I just wish I had some references or ideas of where there are places that are hiring and just knew what I would be good at and where I am supposed to be.

College wasn't thaaat much of a challenge for me because I knew where I was supposed to be.
I was supposed to be taking classes and I knew I was doing that for four years.

Now I know I have to find a job but it's not something you just go up to and they basically accept you right away.

 I guess there was a possibility that the colleges I went to could have not accepted me but I just kind of assumed they would accept me and they did.

And school is something you have been doing for a long time.

So, even if some of the classes were difficult and some of the teachers may have not been the best,
it was still something I knew what to do and how to handle it and how to overcome it.

But it's gone now.

Well, for now.

And now I need to find a job and it will take time and I don't know what job and I don't know who will accept me and I feel pressured.

I don't know what steps to take to get me to where I need to be.

I know I'll get there with God's guidance.
But I'm needing a lot of faith right now because I feel highly lost and uncertain right now about my future.
And I'm gonna need some patience. 
That's for sure.

Anyways, have any of you struggled with this?
Got any advice?
Do any of you know of any online jobs that are hiring?
Do any of you know of jobs that are hiring in the seminole/largo area?

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