Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The taste of birthday candles I never got to blow out...

Some days are good days,
and some days are bad days.

This past day was my birthday
But bad things did happen.
And I feel sorta sad.
Does it make anyone else a little bit more sad when something bad happens on your birthday?
Like all these people are telling you to be happy because it's your birthday.
Well, just because it's my birthday it doesn't mean bad things don't happen.
You're ok to be sad.
And its the mixture of wanting attention to know you are cared about
but not wanting attention because you aren't your happy self and you know people can read it
and you can't explain it.

I dunno.

It hasn't been completely awful.
It hasn't.
Some people have done nice things for me.
And even if people don't do things for you though you did things for their birthday,
that's not the reason you did something for their birthday.
So, I shouldn't focus on stuff like that.
Some people did nice things for me and said nice things to me.

So, I'm shrugging this birthday off and it's a brand new day.

And who cares about who cares about me?
All that matters is we still need to keep on caring about one another.
No matter what.


  1. This is so relatable. Happy late birthday, girl. Keep your chin up <3 God has amazing plans for you. And yes, it is okay.

  2. Happy late birthday :)

    And yes, as long as we all keep caring about one another...that is what is important.