Saturday, April 2, 2016

"And we'll always be friends forever. Won't we? "

Well, I know time has a way of changing things.

And I know that forever is a long time.

But, today, a group of my friends from college and I ventured out at 9:30 am to head out to Vero Beach. 

It was a long road trip but we had smiles on our faces and good music to jam out to and the long car ride was perfect for long, in depth talks. 
When we made it to this new place that I had never been to before, we ran into a Farmer's Market.
So we looked a bit before heading out the beach.
Then we braved the waves and played in them.
I was turned into a mermaid.
We took pictures and laid in the sun and played in the sand and we were young and we were free.
After that, we stopped and filled out hungry stomachs with some taco bell.
Then we hit Books A Million.
A wonderful place it is that I had never been to before.
It was full of books like the name suggests.
But it also had a ton of cute things like pride and prejudice t-shirts, an alice in wonderland disappearing cheshire cat smile mug, and once upon time themed earrings.

I even got a $5 peter pan tote bag. It was $20 but it got marked down to $5.
I also got myself a wonderful cup of java (hazelnut latte actually) from Joe Muggs.

I highly recommend that too.
And it was all a great adventure. 
We all were laughing, talking, having a great time.
Pointing out things we knew the other person would love.
It was fun.
We got back around 6 pm wondering where the time had gone.
Because that's how fast it flew by.

Time flies guys.

And one could sit here and debate the question that young Todd asked in "The Fox and the Hound" and ask if we will always be friends forever or one could soak in these memories and hide them away in their brains and be happy that we are friends now and not worry about the future.
The future will take care of itself.
I'm living on limited time until my next chapter in life comes anyways.
So, I'm going to enjoy this.
My adventures, my friends, my last chapter of college.
I'm going to enjoy it.


  1. I'm doing the last lap too, and every second of it seems worth it.

    Have fun and take care!

  2. Love this post! It's a difficult struggle sometimes, but you're right- you have to just enjoy the moment and not worry about the future.

  3. I do not know what tomorrow brings. None of us do. And even though the urge to know can sometimes be overpowering, perhaps it is best that we don't. Perhaps there's an odd comfort in the unknown. Perhaps our knowledge of today, by virtue of not knowing tomorrow, actually runs deeper. Perhaps..