Saturday, January 16, 2016

If Only We Were Like Job

I'm currently reading through Job.
And honestly,
it just blows my mind when I read through it.
Job was tormented.
He lost so much.
His livestock, his children, his health.
He suffered.
We suffer.
Us humans.
We suffer.
But I don't think we usually suffer like that.
I know I haven't.
But Job never denied God or doubted for a second that God has a reason for what He was doing.
He knew he had not done anything wrong and he did not understand what God was doing,
and yes he got angry at this,
but he still didn't question God's might or reasons.
He wanted to know God's reasons, but he didn't doubt that God had reasons.

We suffer.
But usually we don't suffer like that.
And people often question and doubt.
When things don't go our way.
We lose a friend.
We suffer with our feelings.
We don't understand.
We question.

We need to be more like Job.
It's okay not to know.
It's okay to wonder.
It's okay to not understand.
But there is no reason to question.

We must trust our Savior, our deliverer.
He made us, created us, He is all knowing, and He holds the universe in His hands.
He knows what He is doing.
He has a plan for each and every one of us.
He can see all of our lives, all of our hearts.
He sees our pasts, presents, and futures.
He knows how everything will work out and how everything needs to be for it to work out.
We can't see what will happen to us in 5 minutes.
In a day.
In the next day.
We can't,
We don't see the bigger picture.
He does.
We shouldn't question.
We shouldn't get angry at what we do not know.
We must trust.

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