Thursday, May 7, 2015

wave crests and troughs

This week has been a week.
It's definitely made me depend and trust God more and realize the importance of taking into consideration the heights of other people's problems and becoming more compassionate.
But I won't linger on this.
I will pray about this, but I won't talk about it anymore than I already have.
So, onwards to thankfulness.
Yesterday and today were good days. I'm thankful for them and the friends I've had to share them with. I got to spend it saying farewells and until thens to my friends. But I got to do that in the best sort of ways. I got to do that in a village inn pie trip and sharing of best/funniest semester moments and having an old lady tell us thank you for our laughter and how it gave her a trip down memory lane and the times she spent with her friends. I got to do it with late night balcony talks, movie watching and sleepovers. I got to do it with beach day fun, sunburned skimboarding volleyball waves of fun. Also, walks, and seashells, and salt water, and finals freedom, and summer air. It's nice to say goodbye by enjoying the hello of a new season. My room is empty and the unit is empty. My room I lived in for about 8 months out of 12 looks like a stranger to me now and a hotel room. Everything is packed and my roommate is gone. Change is coming. But I'll wait until tomorrow to focus on that. Today, I'm enjoying these closing memories of the last chapter of my Junior semester. And I'll do that drinking tea and reading Mere Christianity.
Pinkies up,
 chins up.

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