Sunday, May 31, 2015

The rains are coming in and the streets are glistening

Yesterday was definitely a Summer day and I liked it. It was Clearwater Florida's 100th birthday and so Clearwater had a celebration. It consisted of a parade, numerous beads, wacky floats, interesting people, summer heat, French fries, lots of waving and people interaction (which at times can be entertaining actually), live music, a captivating sunset among the waters and Palm trees, a brief cold shower of rain and a walk, eating cupcakes while sitting by the water's edge, and an amazing fireworks display with reflecting color on the water. The ride home was full of laughter and joy and we came home tired but happy and smiling. The night ended with Gilmore Girls, a show that has got me addicted and I will probably try to watch all seven seasons of in this Summer.

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