Saturday, May 9, 2015

Combination of Thoughts

I'm home now and it's Summertime and I feel like brownie batter being mixed.
I can't really explain it like I want to, but,
when brownie batter is being mixed,
there's a lot of feelings going on in there.
There's anticipation.
Brownie batter is good when mixed but before it is mixed,
there's just anticipation and a little bit of sadness because even after it's mixed you know you must bake it.
That's the purpose of brownie batter- to make brownies.
But after the brownie batter is mixed, it takes more waiting.
Granted, it's not all that long of a wait but it sure does feel long once you put it in the oven and anxiously await the transformation.
I like summer.
But I feel like I'm waiting for the transformation to take place.
I'm finished with school (the eggs and flour and brownie mix) and now I am being mixed.
I'm not quite the brownie yet.
This probably doesn't make sense and I had a point but I forgot it but I'm still going to keep writing.
I've said goodbyes to my friends and I'm sad leaving them even if something new and perhaps even better is coming up in the future. I'm excited for what summer holds too. I'm just mixed right now.
The feelings are mixed and I'm... I don't know. I've got a lot to think about.
But sometimes it's nice to know you have people missing you too.
It's nice to hear the words: "Goodbye friend" from a person you didn't even know considered you as a friend or to hear that you're loved and admired from a person you didn't even get a chance to talk to as much as you had wanted to.
I'm going to miss people a lot and some aren't coming back and some are.
But God holds my future and that comforts me.
More than you know.
""You would not have called to me unless I had been calling to you" said the Lion"
-- C.S Lewis

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