Thursday, February 25, 2016

Just something to ponder...

Psalm 66: 12
"we went through fire and through water;
yet you have brought us out to a place of abundance."

Sometimes God will put us through fire and through water,
yet He will bring us to a place of abundance.
We like to ignore the fire and water part because we are afraid of getting burnt and we are afraid of drowning.

But God is the same God who put radshack, meshack, and abendigo through the fire and He brought them through it without burning them, and though sometimes it may seem like we'll never get through whatever it is that we have to go through, we will and we will make it okay. He will bring us through the fire and we won't be burned.

Our God is the same God who took the Israelites through water. 
But He parted the seas to let them pass and let the waters fall on the Egyptians.
If we are God's people, He will bring us through the water and we won't drown.

That doesn't mean we won't go through things that will wear on us or hurt us.
Physically, or mentally.
But, just like in the verse, He will bring us out to a place of abundance.

So let's trust and praise the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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