Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Faith that can move mountains

So, today I had someone talk to me about how we can only move mountains through not our own faith or own power, but the power of Jesus Christ. And I agree. That person said it's something to rejoice in. But, what disheartens me is when other people do not choose to have the power of Christ in them to move the mountains. Like what do you do about that? You can't make them move the mountains. God gave us freewill and they can choose to not move those mountains. And it makes me sad. Right now I am sad about that. Especially when it's someone you love. That person said it's fear that can stop us from moving the mountains in our life.But I'm not afraid of letting God move my own mountains. I'm not even afraid of the people I love not moving their mountains because they don't choose to let God do that. I'm just sad about it. Because there's nothing I can do about it. As it is said in the Mumford and Sons song;

"I can't move the mountains for you."

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