Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I am not alone and neither are you

"You have kept count of my tossings;
    put my tears in your bottle.
    Are they not in your book?"
-- Psalm 56:8

Today was a really good day.
I spent it going on an impromptu shopping trip with some really good friends.
It all started with a desire to go get the new smoky butterscotch lattes at Starbucks.
But that turned into an adventure.
From starting off talking like teenage brats,
to wildly singing and dancing to good music in the car with the windows down during the golden hour,
to sipping our beautiful not disappointing drinks,
to smelling all these new bath and body works smells based off of places like Paris, Venice, Hawaii, Tahiti, and etc.,
to checking out stores with discounted prices and President's Day sales,
and to just enjoying each other and their company,
and lastly watching Anne of Green Gables to end the night.
This all equaled a good day.
I was never much of a shopping person (especially since I don't usually have money to buy things anyways) but just chilling out with these wonderful girls and window shopping was a great experience. 
So, why (you might be wondering) did I put that verse with this post?

Well, I did it because sometimes I don't feel quite so surrounded with friends and loved.
Sometimes I feel lonely and forgotten.
And even though I don't feel that right now,
this verse is a verse I need tucked away in my head.
God has kept and knows our tears.
And He cares.
And He loves endlessly.
It's something you might need to know and probably something I really would want to know on my bad days.
We all have them.
Sometimes the night will come and your brain will be dark forests and your friends may seem to be nonexistent and you will feel like every tear you cry doesn't matter and nobody pays attention to.
But God pays attention and He's there.
Oh, if only we took note of that and let His comfort hold us in these times.
But often we forget, and forfeit the comfort He brings us.
Often we just focus on feeling alone.

Today was just a reminder all around I suppose,
that I am not alone.
That my friends are a good thing to have,
and that they love me so.
But even if we ever grow apart and I somehow loose all my friends,
or if I have a messed up perception and think I don't have friends when I do,
God is always there.
I am never alone.

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