Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Other Night Vs. Tonight

The other night, the moon looked like a smile and so I smiled back.
The air was cool and the streets were nice to walk upon.
The coffee worked it's way through my bloodstream and ignited my bones with life.

Tonight, Glee wrecked me.
I don't know if anyone saw the Cory Monteith tribute episode, but it's heart wrenching.
Now, I'm sad.

It's a passing notion, I know it will be. But heartbreak... it's so hard to watch.
And it just reminds you of how real it is, and how fragile life is, and to love and treasure and cherish every moment of it.

So, tomorrow I'll probably remember to love and cherish and maybe I won't be sad then. But right now, I see their faces in my mind, and the tears and the quotes... and I feel sad because death and sadness is real. It's not acting.

Glee is not my favorite show.
Sometimes it has good messages, but sometimes I really don't agree with their messages AT ALL.

Tonight, though. Tonight's episode made good points, and it was beautiful and it was sad.

"If I start crying, I'm afraid I will never stop."

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  1. I've never watched Glee but I've heard this guys story and it is tragic, like so many before him.