Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October, October

I'm sorry October hasn't brought you many posts.
Octobers are busy.
But beautiful.

I tell you what. Our dance studio is doing a zombie/dance version of Thriller at a Fall festival coming up soon, so we've been working and having fun with that. I'm really psyched. I'm being a princess zombie. :)

Also, our studio has been having rehearsals for our HUGE Christmas performance at Botanical Gardens in December. So, I've been busy but having fun with that as well. Christmas is my favorite. <3

As well as this, I've been having school projects and papers to do. I guess we're half way through the semester so things are starting to heat up.

This weekend, we got to go up to Sweetfields Farm; a cute little Farm where we saw pig racing, an adorable huge cow, got to experience our first corn maze, taste fresh homemade apple cider, and look around at their pumpkin patch and activities and etc. It was fun, quaint, and perfect to do with my family. After that we met up with our church for a cookout and some volleyball playing. That all took place Saturday. Then Sunday, I had to go to a school play which wasn't all that fun and I taught Sunday School which was fun/stressful and in the evening we all watched Toy Story of Terror together and then I watched Once Upon a Time. Toy Story of Terror is really cute if you haven't seen it. <3 It's an ABC short Halloween special. And then that episode of Once Upon a Time was pretty darn amazing too. So, the weekend was great.

The only downside to it all, is that I got sick and still am kind of sick. And now it's Wednesday, which means more business and school.

But October has been beautiful all around.
Really, beautiful.
How has yours been?
(I'm really sorry for not being on here a lot... life is hard to catch up on sometimes.)


  1. Heey, you! i've missed your posts! sounds like you've been having lovely times, and i'm glad to hear it. Oh! I love Thrilled, I'd love to see your dance studio perform it!! You should have someone take a video and then post it on here :))))
    The last 3 months of the year are always my favourite. ^_^

    1. hahaha. *thriller.

      like rinskii said.
      *blush* :p

  2. aww sounds like fantastic time, all of it. :D

    I wanna see your dance!! Gonna post a video!? ^_^

    I'm sorry your sick. :/ <3

  3. The zombie thriller dance sounds awesome!! Hope it all goes well, as well as the Christmas one! :)

    And yeah, I've missed your posts too. I am glad you are having a good time in life, though! Sounds like you've had a great month :) Mine has been pretty good too! The highlight thus far has been going to Santa Cruz last Saturday and riding the rides on the boardwalk, so fun.