Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dear October,

Welcome to the World once again.
October leads to November which leads to December.
They all start to melt into one huge mega month of festivities and cheerfulness.
We go from cool to cooler to cold.
Or if you're a Floridian like me, we go from hot to hot to still hot. (Haha kidding. Kind of.)
Anyways, I love Octobers. I love Novembers. I love Decembers.

So, I'm ready.
Bring what you got October.

Oh good ole moccasins of mine.

This is last years pumpkin. :) This weekend, our family will be having our annual pumpkin patch hunt and there shall be pictures then too.

Alright, so I posted Autumn and Winter photos because it's Autumn and Winter follows Autumn and because I love them both... but why did I post Eiffel Tower pictures? Just because I'm really intrigued by Paris and London and I really want to go so I decided to post pictures of Paris. Also, last year, I died a bit of my hair blue. This year, I got it cut short. So, alas, I thought I'd post a picture of it.
I'm excited.
This weekend I'm watching the Nightmare Before Christmas for my first time when my best friend spends the night.
It's gonna be epic.
Then, I'm going to this reallllly good pizza place and pumpkin hunting with mi familia where we then watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.
So, it's gonna be good.
Then Sunday, Once Upon a Time.
So, yeah. I love the weeks, but I really really love the weekends.
Until then, I'll  spend my week days sipping my pumpkin spice coffees, working on papers, studying for tests, admiring the Fall breezes, listening to Disney music and listening to Fall Leaves by Ed Sheeran.
Hope you all are doing Marvel-ous.

Hahaha, get it? I'm so funny.
Peace Out Girl Scouts.


  1. I love this time of year too! I really enjoyed this post. It got me so excited for halloween! :) You've used such beautiful pictures in this post!!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend with your friends! Nightmare before christmas is such a good film! :)
    Abbie xx

  2. I loved this post!

    "Or if you're a Floridian like me, we go from hot to hot to still hot. (Haha kidding. Kind of.)" -yeah, this applies to us Californians as well. While everyone else is frolicking in autumn-y goodness, we are still enjoying summer! I prefer cold, but I've come to love the long, lingering, persistent seasons our states offer :)

    Also, your hair is adorable! Did you post about your hair cut before? I must have missed it, but I love it. The cut and the color is perfect for you!

    Aaaaand, as always, you have the most perfect compilation of photos. I love it. And it reminds me that I started reading your blog a little over a year ago and when October rolled around is when I realized how much I would enjoy your blog, because of the pictures and adventures, never-ending adventures, and the perfect way you word them for us to read.

  3. ack. i adore autumn. ^_^ and your hair is SO CUTE. seriously. i love it!!

    hahahha. you funny, you.

  4. You're so dang cute! :D Your looks remind me of my friend, Elizabeth. She's beautiful like you. :D <3

    I love Autumn SO much. <3

    hehehehe. I did giggle. :D