Thursday, August 22, 2013

That's the Answer

"Sometimes that's the answer. To get up when the sun gets up and look around and realize that you're apart of an amazing planet."

-- Tom Hiddleston

Yes, sometimes, the sunrise is the answer. One time I got up and ran on the beach when the sun rose and it was the answer. Maybe not the running part, because I felt sick afterword, but sometimes you need a break in your daily life and to just get up early, watch the sunrise and be okay. Clear your mind, set free your soul, become a new again, be thankful and appreciative for everything around you, praise God, and be okay.

Sunrises and quiet mornings have magical powers, they really do.


  1. *gah*. everything that comes out of Tom's mouth is perfect.

    i agree with both of you. mornings can be magical. ^_^

  2. Yes! I try to tell my friends this all the time, but they'd rather sleep in. I'm the one frolicking in the mornings. haha. I think we should start a morning running club.