Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer '13

Goodbye, Dearest Summer of '13.

You were;

Botanical Gardens,
Monsters University,
Lighthouse Climbing,
Thrift Shopping,
Looking at puppies,
Seeing a waiter who looked like Kerev,
Meeting People,
New Places,
Laser Shows,
Climbing a Mountain,
Visiting a Historic Town,
Getting Soaked by the Rain on a Trolley Ride,
Getting Caught in the Rain on Daytona Beach,
Walks to Dunkin Donuts,
An Orange Moon shining over the dark nighttime beach sky while dipping my toes in it and realizing how small I am and how great God is,
Wave Catching,
Helping out with Two VBS's and being highly impacted by the kids there,
Mario Kart,
Missions Trip,
Being a Leader,
Photoshoots with friends,
Paid photoshoot,
Great Gatsby,
The Avengers,
Tom Hiddleston,
Discovering a Coffee Place,
Belting Disney Songs,
Mixed Cd's,
Tea Parties,
Floating Lanterns,
Mason Jar Candles,
Dance Sleepover Lock-In,
Bike Rides,
Flying a Kite,
Colton Dixon Concert,
Winning Gigantic Pickles,
Dance Recital,
Ferris Wheels,
2nd Breakfast,
The Forming of a Band,
Getting a Yellow Slip,
The Painting of my Room,
Les Miserables Party,
Friends returning,
Lots of Unexpected Surprises and Nights of Friends and Fellowship,
Drawing nearer to my Savior,
Taking more time,
Learning a whole lot.

Some of my Summer was long, long, long.
Some passed so quickly.
But it was beautiful and it taught me and grew me like all Summer's should.

With it's hot hot hot smothering air, beautiful sunrises, late nights, sparkling stars, pizza and junk, bright blue sea, and the promise that this is your life and it's all you got, so remember what you are here for and do something about it.

Do something about it.

So, Fall.
This is my life.
And you've promised me the same thing.
And I need to do something about it.
And so I will.
I will.


  1. Pretty pretty pretty!! I loved all your photos. It looks like you had a truly marvelous summer, and that makes me glad for you.

    Here's to hoping your fall is just as swell :)

  2. It looks like your summer was AWESOME. :) I loved all the pictures. :D

  3. your summer looks amazing. i am so ready for fall though :)