Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Alas, Life

Alas, Life has taken place.
So, I've been busy as of late. A lot more home work than I expected... unfortunately. haha. However, I've had some nice moments too. I like moments in between the busyness where you can lay down on your bed and literally just take a few breaths and read the Bible or listen to music and just deflate. You know? I like quiet times.
Anyways, basically my classes have taken a lot of my time lately. I've had papers, assignments, readings, etc. However, I must say, reading a play from Theater while lighting my new coffee scented candle...yes... coffee scented candle(THANK YOU BATH AND BODY WORKS), drinking a cup of tea, and listening to Broadway music isn't half bad at all. Oceanography map graphing, however? Not so much.
But it's all good. The only thing I regret is the lack of time in my days. If I had more time, I'd do more than I've been doing. It's good, because I'm productive and some of the work is enjoyable. But it is tiring and when I'm tired after classes and work I will admit that I have not committed as much time spent in the Word as much as I have wanted to. It was quite easier when I had long Summer days and not quick, short soon to be Fall days.
So, I'm going to use a quick portion of this time just to mention what I'm thankful for. Because a thankful heart is a happy heart;)

- Of course, my beautiful encouraging friends and family
- Pumpkin Spice Lattes (They're coming my friends)
- My beautiful, loyal dog
- The ability to write, speak, smell, touch, and hear
- Good health
- Broadway
- Sunsets
- Fairytales
- Little Kids
- Seasons
- Cups of Tea and a Good Book
- Photography Opportunities
- Family Christmas Vacations
- God's love

We have much to be thankful about,
Much to look forward to,
Much to revel and soak up and appreciate.


  1. Do you ever feel like that robot from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? "Life.... don't talk to me about life." Which... I dunno. The first part of the post reminded me of that. lol.

    Hoooooly cow that last picture is gorgeous.

  2. I agree, that last photo is so splendid. You live in a beautiful place :)

    I looove writing thankful lists when I feel that I need to slow down. It really does help to re-focus and remind you how blessed you are. I hope you keep doing that! :)