Friday, February 24, 2017

Adventure - Roadtrips - Travel

I've got a wandering soul.
I really do.
Someday, if the Lord allows, I'd love to be a travel photographer.
See the sights, soak them in, have adventures, go out and truly live.

I want to bloom and grow with the flowers in the field, stretch and lengthen like the roads, be as still as the mountains, as free as the wind, larger than life like the elephants, as strong as my cup of coffees, and as beautiful as horses in the wilderness.

I want to be wild and lose myself to find it.

I want this adventure in the great wide some where.

And maybe I won't get the chance to.
But at least I can dream about it in case I do get to.

(listen to "Hopeless Wanderer" by Mumford in Sons to get wanderlust)

Don't forget what surrounds you.
Because it's beauty, friends.
That's what surrounds you.

(all pictures found on pinterest/
so thanks pinterest)

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