Sunday, September 25, 2016

Let's Pretend It's Fall

This weekend was a pretty Fall-ish weekend minus the not so cold weather; but hey, it's Florida.
So, for Florida, it was a good Fall weekend.
Yesterday, after having some family friends over, our family took a trip to Starbucks where I got (I bet you'll never guess) a pumpkin spice latte (enter surprise face here).
Then, we went to Walmart and picked up several items and frolicked around in the Fall themed and decorations aisle.
Afterwards, we came home and my friend came over and we played a card game while eating warm, dutch apple pie and joking around.
I was also wearing my hiking boots because I had to.
I just had to.
Then we all went to a friend's football game which is always a Fall thing to do.
I have good memories associated with football and Fall.
Now, while it wasn't quite cold, it was cool.
It was a nice evening filled with a few breezes and a fun time.

Today started off with church and then a huge dinner/lunch time and then a nap.
I guess those weren't quite Fall-like activities but they were fun nonetheless.
Then I went to downtown St.Pete with my parents where we dropped my little sister off to Nutcracker rehearsal while we strolled on down to Starbucks to get $3 grande Fall themed lattes and as we did so, we recalled memories of past Falls and planned other fun Fall themed activities.
We also stopped at a local market up there and got some new things to try and I got macarons which I oddly love.
It was a pleasant walk and when we walked in the shade, it felt like it could pass as Fall.
Now, I'm in my room and playing the Harry Potter soundtrack and I lit my pumpkin scented candle and enjoying this moment because these are moments that make me happy.

Today was a good day and this weekend was a good weekend and although Florida doesn't have much of a Fall, I think it all has to do with what you make of it.
It may not have changing leaves and crisp weather, but it still has pumpkins and Fall decorations and football and seasonal coffees and nice walks and memories.

So, let's pretend it's Fall.

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