Saturday, July 1, 2017

The goodness of the Lord and the power of prayer

So, I sorta had a rough spot this week.

But, all in all, this week was amazing.
In small ways and large ways.
However, the large way was through the power of prayer.
I had a couple of prayer requests that were really weighing on my heart and I prayed for them earnestly and daily and they were answered this week.
And I just love seeing that.
Crazily, I also watched a sermon this past Thursday night that was about prayer.
But, there are no coincidences with God.

After the lesson on prayer, that very evening, I found out that one of my specific prayer requests for something that was happening on Wednesday, came true.

God is just so good, friends, so good.

Other small blessings:

I had an amazing Thursday starting off with meeting a couple of mine that I'm friends with and discussing details of their wedding that I got hired to photograph. Then my friend Heidi came over in which we went to young adult group, won some trivia, listened to an amazing lesson, got Chinese food, and came home and watched a movie. Next morning we awoke early to get some free coffee/tea drinks at a local coffee shop and decided to be adventurous by renting a jet ski for an hour and had an absolute amazing time in which we didn't even fall off. We ended our adventure with some Einstein bagels and coffee before we departed. Then to finish off my amazing Friday, we handed out fliers for a church program that some people and I help out with once a month and practiced a skit for the program. Today we had the program and even though there were small bumps in it, it was a huge blessing and a lot went well too. It was just a good day and a good week and God's been working on my outlook and working in my heart and He's so good, friends. So good.

Praise Him for the things He has done and the things He continues to do and pray boldly.

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