Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmasy but not Christmas Movies

This post is to appreciate the movies that I dearly love that are not "technically" Christmas movies but have Christmas featured in their movies and make me want to watch them when Christmastime comes around.

There is "Little Women" featuring my favorite literary character "Jo March" portrayed by Winona Ryder. This movie features some Christmas singing ("Here We Come A Caroling"), some ice skating, and a house decorated for Christmas complete with a tree and all. Oh, and we can't forget the snow.

This movie features a Christmas spent in a cold basement where snowballs are thrown and a snowman is made and Christmas music is played on an accordion. There are also multiple scenes featuring snow. In the book it covers multiple years and Christmas is mentioned throughout the years as well, but this movie only contains one Christmas scene but it is quite a heartwarming Christmas scene. A book is made and given as a present, and cigars are exchanged for books, and it's a good and merry Christmas. The rest of the movie isn't really that merry, but this scene sure is.

Now, this movie is one of my favorite movies of all time and is completely underrated. You probably haven't heard of it, but it's called "The Mighty." It's another heartwarming and sad movie but it's so, so beautiful. I couldn't find the Christmas scene in pictures but this scene takes place after Christmas. Unfortunately, something bad happens on Christmas ( but I won't give any spoilers because I want YOU to go and watch it for yourself) and due to the bad occurrence, they aren't able to celebrate Christmas ON Christmas. However, snow is seen here annnd you do get to witness their post-Christmas celebration which still contains Christmas music, Christmas cheer, a Christmas tree, a big Christmas dinner and just the celebration of friendship in this scene. A present is also given as well as a challenge.

I know there are plenty of Christmas movie classics out there, and they are all great and watch-worthy. I watch several of them every year as a tradition. However, I challenge you this year dear readers to step outside the box and watch one of these movies. Add to the Christmas spirit in a sort of abstract way. Get to experience different kinds of Christmas's. Let your hearts melt and be moved with these movies. They truly are beautiful.

Have you seen any of these before?
If so, what are your opinions?

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