Friday, November 15, 2013

Is this Goodbye?

Dear Blogging World,

Is this Goodbye?
I don't know.
 I wanted to say I'm sorry though for not posting for so long and without an explanation.
I definitely have not been feeling motivated to blog anymore as of now.
Blogging can be enjoyable but it's also stressful.
You feel like you need to keep up with it constantly, to check out everybody else's blogs, and sometimes it even feels like a competition.
I mean people can get competitive over blogs and want theirs to be better than yours.
And then sometimes you lose the point of your blog; which is to inspire, and instead you just want or are waiting for comments and new followers so you can be proud of your blog.
And if you don't get comments or followers, you think no one is reading your blog.
Which then turns stressful again because you think; What's the point of my blog then?

Well, here's what I have to say. Blogging seems to go in and out with people. Sometimes, they are consistent, sometimes they are inspired, and sometimes they have free time. They'll post when they can, and read when they can. That's how it should be with you too. You shouldn't take it so personally in the blogging world or worry if your post gets a lot of views or not. Just post it and see what happens. If nothing happens, nothing happens. It's not a competition and you don't have to get a bunch of comments on every post.

This is what I think I've learned from my break. I've slightly missed blogging because I miss documenting my adventures or thoughts. But at the same time, it's immensely freeing to not have to worry about it. I'm afraid that if I start back up, I'll get sucked up again and lose sight of the fun in it.

SO, I don't think I'm ready to come back yet. Maybe over the Christmas holidays, or after the Christmas holidays, I'll have a few posts up my sleeve. But, I'm not 100% positive yet. We'll see.

Until then, I hope you are all doing well. I am doing well. November has been treating me well. I promise. The colder weather, the Starbucks holiday cups, the premiere of Thor 2, the fairgrounds, and the promise of an upcoming Thanksgiving break and Christmas season has kept me happy and content. How's your November? Go ahead and describe it to me in the comments, I promise I'll read them all when I get back on here next.

I will be back... this is only goodbye for now.



  1. I agree. Sometimes it's just so freeing. I'm glad that you're not leaving for forever, but I understand why you have to leave for now. :)

    November for me... nothing really special, just my normal routine, I suppose. :)

  2. Aww, Sophie, I'm going miss your posts... They always make me smile and think. But I understand because I've been going through the same thing with my own blog. "See" you later, girl. <3

  3. Aw, dear Sophie, you don't have to give up your blog completely! You don't have to post regularly -- I see a blog as an outlet for expressing yourself. And I love the way you do so! Even if you only have time once every two months, I think it's worth it for you and definitely for us!

    And I love November. :) Starbucks' red cups are always so magical (what's your favorite holiday beverage?) and I adore the cold weather that invites a sweater, a hot drink, a blanket, and an engrossing book. I recommend The Crowd, The Critic, and The Muse by Michael Gungor -- I think you would enjoy it!

    Blessings to you!

  4. I know...blogging this fall, just isn't quite the same as last fall. =/
    I frequently find myself prepping more photos than I actually get around to posting, and some of my favorite blogs are gone...=( (i.e, Erin's, tell her hi for me, will ya? =))
    I agree with Noelle though, even if you only feel able to share some of your inspiration once every month or two, it's still worth it. =)

    Ah, my November has been full of photos (not surprisingly)of the incredibly colorful and LONG autumn we had, some actual photoshoots with *people* rather than leaves ;), looking forward to relatives coming down for thanksgiving, and reading some W.A Tozer (which I highly recommend, especially his "Pursuit of God")
    It's probably been my most enjoyable November yet. =)

    xx ~Jenny