Friday, March 15, 2013

Words & Fragments & Such

Fragment #1. Poetry were the words crushed in between her teeth.
Fragment #2. She was a slave to accomplishments but never to passion.
Fragment #3. The stars burst into million pieces of dust that land on your eyelids when you need to be held, when your insides hurt and when your soul turns blue with frostbite.
Fragment #4. They were always afraid of the dark until the Light opened their eyes and safety held their fears in it's cupped hands.
Fragment #5. Sleep was the boat that could only carry you away.
Fragment #6. No words come from silent graves, only the loud ones are heard.
Fragment #7. Sunlight melted heartache when everyone else was busy passing by.
Fragment #8. Laughter: A foreign language to Sorrow.

So, the other day I found a poetry book in an old bookstore and I flipped through some of it's pages. I can't remember the author's name. But his poems looked a lot like fragments or sentences. Which inspired me to write fragments. I also really like e.e cumming's poetry which is why I shared some of his in photos. I do think it's crazy though how poems, lyrics, sentences and fragments all seem so similar and so powerful and yet so different. Like for instance, I know some fragments that I know I feel like could have been part of a bigger story or a poem. Or some poems that if you took a sentence from it, it could become a fragment or a lyric. Or a poem could be turned into lyrics, and lyrics into a quote or fragments. They seem so interchangeable sometimes. And always inspiring. Lately, I've been listening to Colton Dixon. He's *amazing*. Give him a try. One of my favorite lines is this:
" If I had no voice, if I had no tongue,
I would dance for you like the rising sun."
I find this so powerful and inspiring. I mean can you imagine that? Not having a voice to sing, to speak. And even more so, if you didn't, would you find some other way to praise your God and King or would you be too sad because you didn't have a voice. I don't know, I just thought this was an amazing line, and an amazing thought and an amazing attitude. And it makes my heart wrench in a good way. In the way where you sing something and you realize that you mean what you say, and you feel so unlimited and happy. Because God really does deserve praise in any way, shape or form we can give to Him and we should praise Him no matter what happens. Anyways, my point in saying this is that I just love words and the arrangement of them and the power of them. Whether they are found in books, written on hands, typed on paper, sung in songs. Whether they be haikus, short stories, fragments, poems, lyrics. I just love em. I could eat them for breakfast.
Do you have any words to share?
 I'd love to hear em.
In any shape or form.


  1. that is amazing to think...still finding a way to praise God with what you have.

    I love in Hebrews, in the "hall of faith" verses it talks about Abraham's great faith. The thing that stuck out to me was when it says "and Abraham, as he leaned on his walking stick, praised God."
    He was so exhausted, and he had to lean on something, but he still found a way to praise God.


  2. I loved your fragments. I think #'s 2 & 7 were my favorites. And oh my gawsh I love that Colton Dixon line, I always belt it out in the car when it's on :) haha. I also love the passage Morgan quoted up there. There are so many simple lines like that in the Bible that speak worlds. I love the verses in Exodus (I'm pretty sure it's Exodus), where the writer describes Moses' face as "glowing" because He had looked at the Lord, but he had no idea that he was glowing. It seems strange at first but is actually incredibly inspiring and makes me what to glow too!

  3. Colton dixon is awesome! That song is soooo inspiring, I was thinking about that same line the other day, and how if I had no voice, I would definitly do the same. (and sort of how, even when I'm not singing, am I still glorifying him by how I live my life?)
    Fragments, I hadn't ever thought about those before; the mental image that #3 brings...just wow! I also like 6,7, and 8. On #8, yeah, you really got it, I'd never thought about it that way.
    ee cummings...hmmm, I just might have to look up more of his poetry!

    Splendid post!

    xx ~Jenny